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Great to play with the girls

The hostess or designated leader calls out the names of two famous women and guests are asked to guess who was born first. This is a fun, informal way to learn how woman have played an important part of history.
Click here to download a PDF with a list of 20 names.

Warm and yummy on an autumn evening.

Invite guests to share in the fun by entering a chili contest. Guests make a crock-pot full of chili (could be their favorite recipe OR one they think others will enjoy). They are asked to bring the recipe with to the party, filled out on the recipe card included with their invitation. Each chili is numbered. Guests are then encouraged to sample small amounts of each one so they can vote for their favorite. The chili with the most votes wins. Consider an award of a chili gift bag or a recipe box with all the recipes sampled that night.

Lots of fun at a Family Reunion

For a Family Reunion ask each family in attendance to send an individual photo of each family member, family or group photo or a several photos of them having fun. Digital photos via e-mail are ideal so you can make sure all the photos are the same size when you print them. You may also include in memory photos and those who cannot attend.

Now gather up the photos and have 2 prints made of each photo. (as mentioned above, all photos should be the same size.

How to Play
This can be played by individuals and by teams.
Once you have all the photos carefully mix them up and randomly lay them out in a grid with the photo side face down. If you are playing on a table be sure to clean it first and then begin play, this way no crumbs or sticky stuff will get on the photos. If you have 24 photos do 6 columns across and 4 rows down. With more photos the grid gets even larger and the game more fun. For young kids you may want to cap the pairs at 6 – 8 so that you can also help teach relatives names.

Once the photos are all set the first player flips over a photo and then flips over a second photo trying to find the matching photo.

If the second photo matches the first photo – then remove the pair from the board and try to match another pair.
If the second photo does not match the first photo then both photos are turned back over and the next player takes a turn.

As pairs of photos get pulled from the board find matches gets a little easier. Once all the photos have been paired up, each team counts how many pairs they have and the highest numbers wins. You can also play several rounds and have the first person or team to 50 pairs wins.

This game is great at the beginning of the reunion to help teach names of cousins and relatives. After each flip you can ask who is that? Then someone provides the answer.

Works great with a nautical theme

Create an oversize anchor or life presserver out of cardboard to use as a prop for keepsake photos of guests. For added fun, visit local thrift shops and find fun “sailing” attire for guests to wear for photos. Photograph each guest or groups of guests. Print out photos to use as a thank you or create a photo album to pass around at the next get-together.

Game cube contains simple questions, like color of first car, favorite TV show, etc. Teams are made up of couples. One couple rolls the dice. The other half of the couple writes his/her answer on a small dry erase board or provided paper. The person who rolled, then must give his/her answer. If they are correct, they get points. Group with most points wins.
Click here to make your own cube.


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